Material Support for the Sangha

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Many in society are often unsympathetic to the needs and lifestyle of monastics, perhaps due to not seeing the value of their work or “profession.”

Just as in the time of the Buddha, monastics are often seen as “free-loaders” and “parasites,” unduly dependent on society and “too lazy to work to earn their own living” by many who value “society.”

I wish to build an organization that materially supports the Sangha globally in a suitable way.

Any thoughts, ideas, and feedback to more feasibly and realistically build such an organization that materially supports the Sangha?

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"People who have good faith in bhikkhus may entrust money (lit., silver and gold) into the hand of a [steward] and order him to purchase allowable things for bhikkhus. Bhikkhus may be glad at the allowable things bought by the steward with that money. This is not regarded as being glad at that money. This is called the [Me.n.daka Allowance.] Bhikkhus should not request suitable things from the steward in excess of the money deposited with him.

The Mendaka Allowance


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As such I suggest you do a quick search, before posting, as this will inform how you may wish to develop the question, so as to expand the information available here, instead of just repeating what has been done before.

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What text is this from?

Is this from an early source?


Do you have a local sangha you could support, or one further afield that you would like to support?
I’m thinking small steps here.



I agree! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good question!
I have established a relationship with my local Sangha (about 4 monks or so).
I would like to branch out from there to other ones.

I would like to learn from individuals or groups who have been able to do this on a larger scale (i.e. two or more Sanghas) to develop a more systematic approach to doing this.

Like what kinds of activities do they do, how do they do what they do, what monastic needs to they find to be most worth prioritizing or under-met, etc.

For example, from my local Sangha, I was told that healthcare actually seems to be the most difficult and food seems to be the least difficult to obtain for them at least.

I am currently in the process of formulating an organizational and operational plan for the organization (kind of like a business plan) - I am hoping to learn from others to get a more realistic idea of what this process would entail. :pray:t3: