May I find dhammapada atthakatha in sutta central?

I’m looking for dhammapada atthakatha about kosambivatthu (explanation about yamakavaggo 6). can anyone share link about it in suttacentral?

It’s not on Sutta Central. You can find it here:


Why I can’t find dhammapada atthakatha in suttacentral? whether it still on proggress, or maybe the other reason?

It’s because it’s commentary material I suppose. It’s out of scope. No hidden reasons, no hidden agenda.

Sutta Central contains only those suttas that are considered “canonical.” They are varrying degrees of “early.” But the commentaries are clearly outside that scope.

The only exception to what’s on SC is the English translation of the Jataka stories. They are considered by everyone to be comentarial.

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Is it difference between Pali Canon and Pali Tipitaka?

I already read the book from bhante Sujato about early Buddhism. But, i’m still confusused. It means early Buddhism is strict to the Pali Canon–it means today Pali Tipitaka already added is not authentic?

Do you have refference of book about what time the particular sutta or the storyline about the addition of the Pali Tipitaka?