Maybe S.N 6.1 is Indian way of acceptance

I was reading this website and I came to the following part.

The Vedas say charaiveti, charaiveti, “Keep moving”. When you do yoga and meditation, when you do charity, when you do good work, when you do have a good heart, miracles will keep happening in abundance. You have the ability to bless others. Do not think that this is your victory, like that Devas. Or else you will not be able to lift even a blade of grass.The infinite consciousness is using you as an instrument, making all these things happen in the universe. See that one in all. That is your victory. That is the victory of Brahman, that is acceptance of Brahman, and that is Brahman accepting you.

The part that I see acceptance of Brahman. Makes me think of Buddha understanding Brahma invitation. Suttas symbolic way of showing acceptance. At the end of all Suttas teaching. The one Brahma in the beginning. Has the same as in all of us. As Buddha said same wisdom in the devas is in us. At the end of all Buddha still listen to Brahma. Shows humbleness

About the devas part see website almost same lesson as we have of Buddha becoming invisible in front Brahma. But what I like is the understanding that the website give should be the lesson where Buddha became invincible. It’s not saying he is higher than Brahma in bad a way. It’s a lesson.

I think the lesson is like the website say.

Do not underestimate anybody. Do not think that you are the only intelligent one, and do not underestimate any challenge even if it comes from ‘beneath’ you.

Buddha was a human. So Brahma didn’t have to underestimate Buddha just because he was beneath him.

And we see this attitude even in the sutta of lion’s roar of Sariputta over praising Buddha. Buddha said than Buddhas in the future maybe can be more insightful etc

In this sutta shows a kinda acceptance of all renunciants.

The Buddha said to the monks: “Sakka, who is king of the deva s, always pays respect to those who have left the household life. How much more should you, monks, who out of faith have left the household life, pay deep respect to all renunciants.”

Note: Brahman is not the same meaning as Brahma.

In SN 6. Brahma Samyutta 1-15, the Brahma invitation refers to the individual Brahma, Sahampati.

Also, according to the Brahma and Sakka samyuttas (and their corresponding Chinese versions), both Indian devas, Brahma and Sakkha, are the supporters of the Buddha. The two Indian devas respect greatly the Buddha and his Dharma. Note: The Buddha-Dharma is not the Vedic Dharma.

That was probably changed by Theravada. Other Early Buddhist Schools just had at that myth. mahabrahma or brahma. That extra name is later change. But the point is that it’s your Conscious mind battle going on. Duality job is of conscious mind. Like choosing the one or the other. Control of your mind. You should be able to choose the good. Which thinking about others. Indra is called thousand eyed because as the website say he is lord of the mind. Which means subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind see everything before you in the world. All this is impermanent. Changeble. Nirvana is the unknown

It is all referring to an individual Brahma (not Brahman).

I think there is a believe that Buddha Dharma had much difference. But he just brought back the true understanding of Indian thought. The true meaning. For example inplace of saying soul. Buddha would just say all of us has same wisdom etc in us. The same as when say you have to think. As in me, so in them etc it’s like a way of saying on earth everyone is one. But because Buddha teaching is about non idententifying he will teach also not see oneness as you etc. But there is oneness but it needs be to let go of.

So, SN 6 Brahma Samyutta is not the Indian way of acceptance. It is in fact, an early Buddhist adaptation of Indian Vedic devas, such as Brahma and Sakka.

If it’s a individual doesn’t matter. They come from Brahma World. Thoughts of the mind. All thoughts are just thoughts. Brahman is thoughts also. So accept thoughts. Brahma in A Nikaya. Ananda say is highest thing you can see. :thinking: Oh yeah. I can see my thoughts state of mind. Brahma is highest light. The light of the mind. Think meditation and light for awhile. :sweat_smile: its all connected. Indra helping the battle of good vs evil. As subconscious mind. Can be programmed. To think either way you want.

Brahma and Sakka are myth, according to the SN/SA texts.

Talking about vedas. They where having the mentality that no person can know how the world was created. :thinking: that’s why Buddha way of not really bothering with things people can’t know? :thinking: focus on things to lead to nirvana. Same thing. Even after Vedic was talking about not knowing.

The Buddha way is essentially knowing and seeing anicca-dukkha-anatta!

You always say that. But he said Brahmins also saw things are impermanent. So what was new was anatta which was the main attachment because I am. (Self) In Upanishads. Brahman is what just keeps transforming. Like evolution. Dependent-origination Kinda but explained of the myths of how Brahma made the gods.

If you think the true meaning. It’s like because my parents i was made. Because of me my son was made. That’s why Buddha say Brahma is a term for parents. So the understanding should be we all started because the beginning of a cycle. But in Buddha thought it’s the first Brahma who invented the I am. Not creation. It stays almost same but thinking he created I am. Because of him. Other saw themselves as inferior etc

Incorrect, according to the SN/SA suttas.

DN you know how story goes.

But I will change so you understand how it’s how the mind works because it’s a beginningless thing.

Thereupon the being who re-arose there first thinks to himself: ‘I am a mother. caregiver etc

Because underlying tendency

And the baby who re-arose there after him/her also think: ‘This must be our Father.This must be our Mother. Because underlying tendency. We know who is our mother and father. We are attached as toddler to our parents

Herein the Father/Mother who re-arose there first possesses Abundance, greater beauty, and greater authority than the baby who re-arose after his/her parents.

When you get born you are born naked. You don’t haven’t developed yet to be sure that you will have what sutta called long life. I put Abundance.Babies get born all in blood all deformed it’s after they start look good. But parents are beautiful already. Parents have greater authority over kids.

The later part of the story is actually where its more about rebirth. But Buddha itself says Brahma is a term for parents. If you want to call it divine. Please do. The point is that parents introduced us to the world. In my experience. I saw how we teach. Or let’s say reteach our kids to say I am and his name. It doesn’t go as easy as him shouting mama first all by himself. Some babies shout dada first. But i remember as a father. I taught my son to think about. Whats your name. Say Khanti. And after you keep adding words. But the I am is not there in the mind. When he is taught what’s your name? And he thinks the name. After we say I am or I’m with the name. When we grow up and meet friends and we go school. We are wired to keep repeating who we are.

Everything that get repeated are remembered in the subconscious mind.