Me with Beng-lim and the lu family in Kaosiung

Here’s a rare photo of me with the Lu family. They, and their extended clan, have been supporting me for the past 2 1/2 years in Qimei. We took this photo on Chinese New Years day, when they invited me for dana at their home in Kaosiung. I have so much gratitude for them all for their tireless and unconditional support for me in my translation project!



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Nice memories here of a young merchant sailor visiting Kaosiung. There wasn’t much one wanted or actually needed, then most of the money were spent on fireworks. And new years eve 82, a couple of days from Singapura, the rest of the crew was surprised (scared shitless) when this extremely cheap and extremely volatile stuff exploded more or less organized.



we want you back Ajahn - you were only on loan.


May they all be well, happy and peaceful. May all their hopes and aspirations come to fruition. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.
With Metta


They’re still blowing stuff up!

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You know, Bhante - I prefer a small bit of heedlessness when it comes to small firecrackers, but today they have big big crackers that is not that volatile (i hope …), and now the most volatile is the educated man who sits behind the lines fondling their knobs and wheels