Meditation and Liberation consistent with Snp 4.2

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I’m not exactly sure what the exact purpose of the pdf is, but I would not use Bahiya as a guide, as Bahiya is someone who was extremely advanced and at the “end game” of the path, he had super powers (see devas, walk long distances really fast), and according to the commentaries he was one of three monks who meditated until they died in a previous life. So the Buddha’s advice to him, while seemingly very simple, is meant for an advanced mind.

Personally I would direct people to all the suttas where the Buddha tells monks to watch their mind (thoughts) 24/7, with several suttas using the metaphor of a bowl for the mind, like having your head cut off if you take your attention off the mind, the different types of water in the bowl, etc…

Before you can be like Bahiya and “just see what is merely seen”, you need years of practice to tame your thoughts.


Thank you for your feedback. I have come to realize that I need to put the quotes by the portion of the diagram they apply to rather than before the diagrams.

The Bahiya’s end state is in the last diagram, the enlightened one. I will put embed the quotes and have another go.

I have replaced the deck with another. I think you will find it much clearer.