Meditation, ET Sightings, and Tin Foil Hat Design

So, it’s a holiday weekend in the US, and I spent part of the holiday with my son watching a documentary produced by a Dr. Steven Greer, who is a former emergency room doctor who now runs a company that investigates ET evidence ( extraterrestrials or UFOs), and prduces films and sells training materials. Why am I discussing this on D&D? Well, let me put away my 2019 tin foil hat that I’m designing, and try to explain.

Aside from the many hours of testimony and discussion about evidence of ETs that have migrated into our cosmos, and have been alleged to be visible and observable by citizens of this planet for years (perhaps thousands of years…google Vedic sightings and references), amidst the hundreds of hours of discussion about ETs, Dr. Greer mentions for but minutes that fact that he establishes contact with the ETs by the use of meditation. The quick idea, as I understand his theory and practice, is that beyond the restrictions of space/time and the laws of physics as we know them, that essentialy there is an overarching consciousness or energy force that transcends spacetime and modern physics, that allows point to point connection between sentient beings on this planet and others, through meditation.

So, aside from an interesting few hours with my son watching this Sirius documentary, he and I discusssed that at the heart of the protocol that Dr Greer employs is meditation. It’s a kind of lovingkindness meditation, where he seems to invite the meditators to send expressions of kindness to the lights that appear on the horizon.

Here’s a quick video from US former astronaut Edgar Mitchell ( Ph.D. MIT) that talks about the need for awareness of our being perhaps not alone in this universe, and the need to be competent stewards of this planet we inhabit: YouTube There are many other vids from witnesses that discuss military involveent in UFO projects, and other testimonies from seemingly very credible people/UFOlogists about the history of alien contacts.

Next is a snippet from a Sirius meditation sesssion, where allegedly two lights/vehicles/something appears on the horizon:

Finally, a link to the Sirius site: Perhaps Dr. Greer has invented a business plan that he uses as a platform to make money? Yet, ER docs make huge money in this country, so it seems his motivations may not be financial. He struggled for years to get funding to make the initial documentary that kickstarted some of these issues, .

So, as I work on my weekend tin foil hat project. I wanted to toss this out here, and see how this resonates. Might meditation/jhanas bring us to altered states that can in fact link us to a universal consciousness that is unrestricted by our current laws of physics? If we are not alone in this universe, might awareness of this cause us to be more mindful of what our role is on this planet; what our responsibilities might be to care for this planet?


Just a nitpick on language - our current(ly-accepted) laws of physics don’t restrict anything. The natural world is at it is, and our current laws, and theories, of physics can explain some of it, to some degree of accuracy. So I think you are going after “universal consciousness that cannot be explained by the currently-accepted laws and theories of physics”

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I don’t want to comment on Greer and his claims, but I am interested in what the connection is supposed to be between the question of whether we are alone in the universe and the question about our responsibilities to the planet.


There are also possibilities to communicate with other living beings on this planet. There are individuals referred to as “horse whisperers” and “dog whisperers” who seem to have an uncanny knack for being able to communicate with horses and dogs, respectively.

I spend a lot of time at the beach. Whenever a dog come up to me I always make a point of saying hello to the dog, asking it how it is doing, and otherwise conversing with the dog about what’s going on. Mind you, a lot of the conversation is non-verbal. Often the dog’s human companions will thank me for talking to their dog. Honestly, a lot of the time it is easier to talk to the dog than the person.

I also encounter plenty of shore birds as well as marine mammals such as seals and sea lions who poke their heads up over the surf to check out what’s going on on the beach (I assume they are looking at all sorts of things, not just me). I like to greet all the birds and animals I see. I can’t say for certain that they acknowledge my greetings, but it can be eerie when they seemingly are aware of me in ways that extend beyond seeing me as a potential source of danger.


They are usually better listeners. :yum:


I used to do amateur astronomy and saw some very odd things going on in the night sky. For example objects that made drastic changes in trajectory and speed, definitely not like satellites, or planes, or whatever. I have no idea what they were, but it led me to keep an open mind.
I’m not sure whether an open mind is a different kind of consciousness…:wink:


Airline pilots do seem to see odd things from time to time. About a fortnight ago, was a report here in the news about three separate planes simultaneously seeing rapidly moving bright lights (some of their conversation about this with air traffic control in Shannon was replayed in the media).

After looking on youtube, the full conversation between the planes and air traffic control is here (at about the 5 minutes mark for around 2 minutes). Hard to know what to make of it (interesting, perhaps astronomical explanation, but do tend to keep an open mind on these things).

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Yes, and I wasn’t intending with the OP to open a discussion about ETs and their existence, though it seems to me the issue has arisen to the level of a discussion of the Higgs particle from a few years ago. I’ve spent some hours viewing the testimony from various engineers, scientists, pilots and others that can be perceived as otherwise highly credible that have organized to investigate the many credible interactions that scientsts, pilots, former government folks from around the world, and others have had with ET evidence over the years. See or and decide for yourself the weight of this evidence.

Again, what interested me is that one of the pioneers of this disclosure movement incorporates meditation into his protocol, which he claims enhances the ability to connect with sentient ETs, presumably with the idea that spacetime is transcended by tapping into a Indras net of consciousness that connects sentient life across spacetime. Similarly, the allegation is that people and things may be able to transcend time and space restraints by using technologies that have been identified, but are not replicable using present Earth based science and materials, such as Element 115.

It’s a great question, Dan. Astronaut Dr. Mitchell addressed this in the end of his talk, linked in the OP above. I see the question (without having given it a ton of thought) as akin to the rebirth issue. If we embrace rebirth as a science, what does it mean for our own lives and how we live our lives? What does it mean in terms of how we construct our ethics in our lives and in interaction with others? Similarly, if we are, in a sense, being observed and supervised by an outside agency that is perhaps 1000 years advanced in terms of ethics, engineering, and materials science, and that by our current Earthly behaviors in depleting the planet, poisoning the planet, starving, bombing, and developing better weapons to kill each other and the sentient animals here, we may be a threat not only to ourselves, but to others. Perhaps there is a need for an outside agency to intervene, and suggest that we are on a path of destruction that may have implications beyond Earth. Psychologically, if we understand that we are not alone, that we may be developmentally inferior, we might develop a mindfulness, or awareness, that we need to wake up and change how we are behaving as a planet. We might embrace the idea that the technologies we use to light our buildings and heat our homes are desperately antiquated and are slowly killing the planet. Just some thoughts on this excellent questions you posited…

Perhaps there are just sentient beings out there that see us as undeveloped fools, and feel they need to intervene to save us from ourselves. Perhas when all we had was bows and arrows, and gunpowder, the issue was not so great. In the last 50 years, we’ve developed into societies that can obliterate millions of people with the push of a button, and likely have weapons systems in space now that can affect others.

I’m not trying to advocate anything, in the same way that I’d not try to advocate rebirth here. Personally, I believe the Buddha, and I believe the scientists, engineers, astronauts, pilots, former Skunkworks and “Black Ops” personnel, and others that assembled in Washington to testify about ETs in 2001. Even if all of these men and women were found to be part of a massive fraud or conspiracy, the message is one that is urgent and clear: we need to act differently on this planet, or we are going to kill ourselves off. We can do better and we need to marshall the resources and the motivation to change the status quo, and work toward cultivating an active, engaged Metta practice that truly embraces the whole Earth, and beyond.

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Michael, I don’t see how we can be much of a threat to others outside the Earth. The Earth is pretty well isolated. If we somehow wreck the biosphere and cause a mass extinction, the impact on the rest of the solar system, galaxy and beyond would be neglibile, whether we are being watched or not. By far, the best case for saving our biosphere is because WE care about what is happening to it.


Dan, I agree completely. There are some engineers that believe that some of the Black Ops type government programs ( be they US, Russian, or otherwise) have weaponized space with nuclear weapons, or other weapons that arguably might affect beings beyond those that inhabit our Pale Blue Dot. Others believe that we have actually installed weapons sytems on the Moon. It all sounds “far out,” but the people testifying to these issues are not “far out” conspiracy theorists, but scientists that have worked in government or private quasi-governmental capacities.

I agree. But, we seem to be failing miserably at getting this message to be taken aboard. Here in the US, the fossil oil, gas, and coal industries will fight heavily before any clean energy grid or infrastructure is constructed. Many of us may care, but we are seemingly powerless to develop a massive grid of green energy to save the planet. (One of the stories, believe it or not, was of an engineer that developed an electromagnetic engine that ran on quantum level energies that were 100 percent clean and efficient; the engine supposedly was in his basement and ran continuously for over a year. Agents came to his home and destroyed it, and threatened him and his family…WTF…real, or not, I DNK?) Part of the message of the “Disclosure” folks is that mankind’s corporate greed and delusion is what is preventing us from actually making the changes that are needed, nevermind how much the majority care about the health of the planet and the future. The US on paper is a democracy, but as the film points out, a very small group of oligarchs and compromised politicians actually run things. Most of our elected officials are powerless. None of these industry giants that actually write policy want to see the dysfunctional status quo changed.

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Ok I’m going to stop here. I didn’t want to get into this, but in my opinion Mr. Greer is almost certainly a charlatan, who charges desperate people a lot of money for his disreputable “training” and for other products related to his many preposterous representations - including his “alien” cadaver. I don’t wish to participate further in giving this man internet bandwidth.

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This is why I posted this on Watercooler. It all seemed worth a chat, and just like rebirth, we all can hold these views as we choose to, and see what develops. Dr. Greer may turn out to be a massive fraud. I just found his use of lovingkindness meditation and these gatherings to be of interest, to perhaps some of us. If he has engineered a massive fraud, then it will be quite interesting to see how it all unwinds. If he is on to something, then at the very least, he as invited some interesting discussion…and, integrated meditation as a means to radiate kindness to others.

Edit: Just found this and worth viewing:

I have a minor interest in UFOs. When Greer had the press club conference and released the book Disclosure, I thought it was the most substantial, professional, and straight forward no drama efforts to date to address what the government knows and does about it. He brought dozens of highly credible military vets, politicians, private corp, intelligence and other professionals forward to testify about what they know. Then after that he began being associated with the exact opposite end of the spectrum. He now charges money to people to go on UFO “visualizing” retreats where they learn how to “summon” UFOs telepathically.

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I didn’t mean to sound overly harsh about people who might be engaged in very well-meaning efforts to cultivate and “radiate” kindness and compassion. But I deplore scams that exploit and disempower people under the guise of empowering them.

If people are truly concerned about saving species that are going extinct at an increasingly rapid rate, and preventing the social, economic and biological damage and violent instability that will come from global average temperature increases, or mitigating the effects of these increases via some kind of large scale technological adaptation, then there is no choice but to engage in well-thought out political activism that has some chance of influencing government policies, and the current structure of social and economic institutions and practices.

The devas probably aren’t coming to save us; the ETs probably aren’t coming to save us; Maitreya Buddha is probably not coming to save us. It doesn’t matter whether anyone out there is watching us push our planet into the Anthropocene or not. And we’re not going to change the way the planet functions politically and economically by sitting on our cushions and trying to shoot out some pulse of love radiation or “merit” in all directions. (Which is not to deny that by becoming kinder and more virtuous people we can have an impact on those we interact with.)


Nick, I was troubled by this as well. It’s really for me a question of whether we toss the baby out with the bathwater in the sense, in the sense that he has been monetizing this campaign that he has developed. In one segment he explained that he’s trying to raise funds in order to have the money to hire people to help engineer some of the technology that he believes was extracted from these encounters. Like most of these things, be they meditation teachers, experts on science, or even individuals involved in extraterrestrial matters. A lot of investigation is needed to determine their intention and their credibility.

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If you saw a UFO.
And it landed.
And you saw an alien emerge.
And greet you.
What would you ask that alien?
I would ask about the end of suffering.


Undoubtedly, the existence of life outside our planet I am sure is out there in some form, so evidence of that wouldn’t change anything for me.

@UpasakaMichael, sounds like we just about have the same experience with this. It would have been great if Greer ended up being the fairly solid, disciplined guy he appeared to be (he is a ER physician!). Now we have to investigate the investigator.

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True that. It seems that Greer has taken an effective leadership position with all of this, and I’ll be interested to analyze in the future his credibility and what his true motivations may be. At the end of the day, in collaboration with him are just so many scientists, physicists, former military and former contractors who have direct experience with all of this who seem to me to have a high level of credibility. It’s not my normal nature to even spend time on 99% of the so-called ‘conspiracy theories,’ but this issue seems to have some real traction and now I’m just trying to figure out, in a sense, what it might mean in a number of different contexts.

I can’t speak on meditation’s connections to UFOs, but I will say a word about UFOs themselves. Two big problems facing even a mere discussion about the subject is the number of cranks, frauds, and unhinged people who attach themselves to UFOs and of course their portrayal in the popular media. Given this conditioning and perception we have of the subject, the moment someone brings it up seriously, the common and socially acceptable reaction is ridicule.

But if you actually looks into the subject, you find there’s actually quite a bit to it. The US government studied UFOs very seriously starting in the mid 20th century. Thousands of case studies were collected and analyzed over many years. Findings on them were presented to Congress. Just last year, the government made public a program they initiated to study UFOs from 2007-2012.

I’m being deliberately vague because I don’t want to inject too much bias. I invite anyone interested to look into it themselves and come to their own conclusions. Reading about the firsthand accounts and case studies of notable events is fascinating, to say the least. Just be careful because there’s a lot of suspect information out there. A good place to start is Wikipedia’s page on Project Bluebook.