Meet Q. The First Genderless Voice


Nice. But what I think I would prefer is software that allows users to modulate the voice of their chosen AI assistant (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.) to create a customized voice for each user. What would also be consistent with a Buddhist perspective would be the ability to change a user’s customized AI assistant whenever they like, symbolizing impermanence and the non-self of both the user and the AI assistant.

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This is neat. I’m looking forward to seeing more variety in AI voices. It’d be nice if we could drop preconceived ideas about what AI voices should be like, in terms of everything not just gender. For example, most tech giants aren’t even considering non-native accents because they think it’ll be harder to understand. But that’s not necessarily true. The most natural-sounding and clear AI voice I’ve ever heard was one with a Japanese accent.

And while we’re on the subject, can science people please stop trying to make robots look like attractive young women!? There is nothing wrong with robots looking like robots.