Memory transfer between slugs & how breathing relates to focus


What about organ transplant?

Just to put this into perspective, please see RNA injected from one sea slug into another may transfer memories | Science News

It is a single study regarding a controversial hypothesis. Most scientists will wait for replication and further research before jumping on the “engrams in non-coding RNA” bandwagon.

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I saw a BBC documentary showing how cardiac transplants seems to do the same thing in humans - not sure of the science behind it.

This video says there’s a point of balance between stimulating and calming neurotransmitters which is a bit like the balancing the seven factors of enlightenment.

So non coding RNA may explain the ability of young children in SE asia to remember ancient Pali scripts? Maybe this is why no kids in the west can do it. It offers an alternative to reincarnation.

Only if they descended from ancient pali experts! It won’t explain non related geographically distant examples.

‘It won’t explain non related geographically distant examples.’

can you explain ?

The chances of being born in Australia and remembering a past life in India, for example, makes it unlikely that DNA or RNA would be somehow involved in transferring memories.

I still don’t follow your line of thinking. Anyhow without being a fan of the rebirth topic because its hard to evaluate I was getting at the idea that RNA may carry some aspects of memory and under some circumstances this may be accessible .

In this test the RNA may have increased the sensitivity of the nerves in the snail’s tails. I think it is a jump to say memories were transferred.

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