Mendicant & Ten Precept Source

Quick question, do any suttas mention the ten precepts for novices or is this strictly vinaya? If so, just for theravāda?

Also, are there any lists of precepts in any suttas for mendicants or is it just the general divisions of sīla as found in such suttas as the brahmājala?

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The Dharmaguptaka and Mulasarvastivadan vinayas are the only other living vinaya traditions besides the Theravada. Both are kept by monks and nuns belonging to Mahayana traditions (the Chinese and Tibetan, respectively). Both also have the 10 precepts for novices.


This may be out of topic but has theravada more rules than other schools ?

No, they have less. At least the bhikkhu patimokkha has less rules. I’m not sure about the Theravada bhikkhuni patimokkha, since it has more rules than the Theravada bhikkhu patimokkha. But in general, the other vinaya traditions have more rules than the Theravada.