Metta Sutta is translated in Sindarin, Vulcan, Klingon, and Aurebesh!


Just in case anyone else is wondering why those languages are on the website’s list: SuttaCentral

I love this website even more now! Y’all are an awesome bunch of nerds :heart:


To make it more universal, I’d like to see it translated in the dark tongue of Mordor.

May Sauron be happy


Ok but, what about the horse tribes? We need a Dothraki translation!


I guess you’re certainly most welcome to make those translations! :heart_eyes:


Actually had to look up “Aurebesh” there! Evidently am not meeting the requisite nerd standards! :blush: :smile:


Thank you so much! So I know I am not the only one… I had to go through a steep learning curve over the last couple of years, and still am far from accomplished!! :laughing:


I actually had to look it up too, though I used to be a huge Star Wars nerd…


I might attempt a Cockney translation:

“All beings, long, short an’ tall,
Gawd bless 'em all,
And that…”