Micheal Moore's latest Dana: Planet of the Humans

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Again this is inspired by the thoughtful and gently courteous discussion begun by @Rosie.

I should say that I have not viewed Michael Moore’s film but have heard of it through these avenues:

Regardless of how one views this show, it was interesting to listen to Michael.

He has offered this film for free, with no desire to make money from it.

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I think we all have to watch this.

It’s not a film that offers practical, specific solutions. But it wants to show us something that most of us never knew…it’s an exercise in raising awareness… But it’s probably not what you think it is. It surprised me, horrified me…but I am better off for the knowledge. Funnily, as a Buddhist, it was like an outward reflection of the inner journey we’re all undertaking; indeed, I think that inner journey is what it’s actually calling for.

It would have been helpful if it had been longer and spent time exploring the messages which were epitomized by the following line, attributed to Rachel Carson, way back in 1962:

Humankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and its mastery - not of nature, but of itself.

I would have liked a deeper exploration of how becoming aware of the issues presented was important (1 hour, 28 min and 39 second mark) and where this can take us and importantly, how this can occur within an ethical framework.

But it offers a thoughtful beginning to a new chapter (hopefully) to the environmental movement.


I would just suggest you rename the topic to include the name of the movie you present in the post.


This is a good idea, thanks Gabriel; will do!

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Thank you @Javier, @Bundokji, @Metaphor and @Viveka for your comments and critiques and reflections.

Here are some opposing links that critique The Planet of the Humans. Thanks again Javier.

I am not an expert, so when presented with countering arguments and when responsible for the post, I would like to present these too.

For me, what I feel I can see as the potential in all this is that a dialogue takes place between those who know, who care, who are willing to listen; and that because it’s done kindly, it will not leave anyone that cares about these issues behind.

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I’d just like to add a line to say how extremely impressive this is! :pray:

I have to admit when I was watching the film I quite quickly started wondering about the complex web of interests involved in it all and what exactly the film’s driving motivations and aspirations were. My leanings didn’t go all that favourably to the filmmakers, although I still find it quite easy to give them a sympathetic reading, too.

Nevertheless, putting all controversial and contested claims aside completely (that I, too, have no sound knowledge-base to assess), there is, I feel, an extremely important point in and amongst it all that I hope wouldn’t get too lost in any ensuing hoo-ha: facing up to the issue of wild over- and unnecessary consumption is most surely a very good thing to do. For many reasons; the well-being of the planet and individual contentment alike.

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Thanks for the lovely feedback!

Really though I had no choice - it was the only reasonable thing to do because as I said, I’m no expert.

If I’d had any sense of confidence about any particular line of argument, I may have taken a different approach - though hopefully remaining open - but as it is, this seemed to be the best thing to do. :slight_smile:

I hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

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Well, yes, that’s rather how I see things too, but the impression I’ve formulated in my humble, few years of bobbing along through the world, is that such demonstrations of integrity is actually quite a rare thing to see. It’s kinda like the 5 precepts, they seem so obvious… and yet…!

An emphatic ditto! :slight_smile:


Lol Aminah :smile: Thanks for the smile inducing reply. Metta, metta, :heartpulse: