Mind removes what's never been seen before

On an normal day and setting among friends, sitting minding my own business in silence, there suddenly was a change in hearing and seeing. Sounds vanished or changed to something sounding like a flock of birds having a great time … So I lifted my head and looked in the direction of sound and saw something I never seen before. I sat there wondering what this was, but couldn’t find any suggestions, so I gave up and just decided to remember this. But when I tried to put this on to memory, the mind performed an immediate “execution”, and the mind went blank!? Tried one more time, same happened, but on the third time and with some extra effort I could feel it found it’s place in my memories.

Anybody having suggestions to what this “letting go” was or is?

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It sounds similar to an experience I had once on retreat, in which the functioning of perception was temporarily suspended. I woke up from a brief nap and, though all my senses were functioning well, the mind wasn’t recognizing anything. It couldn’t put a name or a meaning to what it was seeing or hearing. It lasted just a few minutes until perception came online and was functioning normally again. By experiencing its absence, it gave me a better idea of the role perception plays in creating experience.


Thanks a lot @Cristopher! :slight_smile:

Like to add that in that period I experienced a stretch of 6 months of continuous effortless super strong mindfulness, and a few months before I decided to dive into this teaching.

And as I sat there and watched these strange things going on I also had plenty of time to check my mind for any activity, but there was nothing going on there, just quiet awareness in unknowing. I even pinched my arm to check if i was really awake. Unlike in your experience I functioned normal - had been to a work out, a nice shower, and just happy to spend some time in a friendly environment

Later I been having some other similar experiences where sounds changes and becomes like “Heavenly music”, and after these moments the mind is very easy to perform Vipassana with.


I’ve solved this myself, and found a interesting explanation , and a new “side road” to investigate further :face_with_monocle:

I hug myself!

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I acknowledge that this case is a bit far off for most of us, but still it happened, and when i wrote that I’ve solved or found a new possible meaning for this experience, it was right after a remarkable period of experiencing the mind starting to train itself, and during about 14 days of letting go into this immensely strange and fascinating practice were the self was being taken care of by what I can call “intuitive awareness” - the amount of insights rushed on like a avalanche, and many of these insights was not possible to comprehend there and then, but was left to marinate in the heart or citta or whatever …

Those beings or visible shadows which I saw or recognized in the original op, was seen again and now much more clear and “real” - and those were a part of what I would call “intuitive awareness taking care of (my) citta”

Now this thread will not be responded to in a ordinary way - I’m not interested in debating or discussions about what is still not clear enough. This process has to run it’s course and like in the original op, insights had been so many that one has to take time to understand it clearly or else I think one will get lost in confusion.

I’ m really not sure if it is wise to be open about this, but nothing here seams to stop it right now, so then i follow the intuitive reasoning

More concrete what I’ve gathered out of this is that many years of diligent practice has started to ripe in concentrating in on “hiri-ottappa” and “Brahma-viharas” - in sense of further or more advanced stages of purifying heart and mind

But I’m not sure about anything, just amazed about the whole thing …

Be well

I remember having a nice meditation and becoming aware of my tinnitus. For a time it sounded like the most beautiful, delicious melody I’ve ever heard :slight_smile:

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Well, that fine or is it … :wink:

Having excellent hearing myself, maybe due to early years of indulging into listening to music, and being born with rather poor eyes …

Have been using nada sound as meditation object or “anchor” for a few years now, and some believe that this sound or “buzz” is a kind of tinnitus, - but I doubt it myself, and anyway is it not of any interest if it is, because it’s just one of many skillful means for keeping continuous present moment awareness, and has no other value that I know about.

But the sounds I been writing about here is something different than that, and I also just share experiences that has brought me further on the path and deepened the practice, - and all of the mildly or more interesting stuff one can experience practicing i wouldn’t bother writing about because it hasn’t had any practical value