Minor Formating inconsistency

The header of this sutta seems to be formatted in a different way to other suttas

collection of numerical discourses
6.63 A Penetrative Discourse

as opposed to something like:

aṅguttara nikāya
the book of the threes
57 Sīha

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This is because the two texts have different sources, which you can check in the Metadata tab of the sidebar.

When designing SuttaCentral, we had to make allowances for the fact that different sources, and different texts, have different standards for the headings. Rather than impose one system, I chose to preserve a certain flexibility. This is more pragmatic, as it is not an easy matter to impose consistency across tens of thousands of texts. The main thing is that the Sutta title is in the main heading, and other information, usually the nikaya, sometimes other details as well, are included above. As with other problems, this will hopefully be resolved when we use our own translations.

Meanwhile, @blake, can you look into the one-boxing bug that you can see in the heading above? Ta.

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Note: Discourse aggressively caches oneboxes. If any other onebox suffered from this problem it is necessary to edit the post. You don’t need to make an actual change, just edit it and save it again. This will refresh the ‘cooked’ HTML for the post and fix the corrupt onebox.