Missing table in DN14

There’s a missing table in DN14:

It was in this auspicious aeon, brethren, that Kassapa, the Exalted One, Arahant, Buddha Supreme, arose in the world. It is in this auspicious aeon, brethren, that now I, an Arahant, Buddha Supreme, have arisen in the world.’

[And in like manner the rest of the statements in the following table are given in similar paragraphs.]

< Missing table >

The table should be the one in page 6 (page 18 in DocSlide) of Dialogues of the Buddha, Vol 2.

But I can see that the Pali text doesn’t have this table, and comparing it to the Chinese translation, this English translation is just missing text that was portrayed in a table instead.

Incidentally, why were all the Buddhas born in places with caste system? And why did all of them become enlightened under trees?

because the story of those Buddhas was told by inhabitants of places with caste system ? :smile:

as for a tree, my speculation is that it was either modeled after the story of Gotama Buddha or there was an ancient motif associating a tree with knowledge like for example in the Biblical myth of Eden, in which case it could have been incorporated into the story of Gotama Buddha’s awakening itself

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The more I read those “It is the rule…”, the more astonishing it becomes :slight_smile:

I’ve put the table in in two parts. How does this look to all of you?

Looks fine, would be better if a different style is applied to the table heading and Buddha names.

I’ve added slightly different heading and Buddha names.

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