Mitra Conference 2018 in Sydney Australia

Hi Sydney Buddhist friends,
Just reminding you to make sure you register for the 2018 Mitra Conference happening this coming weekend 3rd and 4th March in Bankstown.

There are so many great speakers, including Bhante Sujato who will be showing off the new Sutta Central site. Sadhu!
I’ll be giving a very practical workshop about Right Speech in the Digital Age (partly inspired by some particularly robust D&D posts! ) as well as giving a talk called Disconnect to Reconnect, looking at the various ways digital technology affects our relationship to ourselves and others.

There’s many more excellent speakers too. Please help spread the word and come along if you can!

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Lovely! I’m sure you’re all in for a wonderful time!

Please, please, please, can we have a livestream?.. and maybe make it mandatory viewing? :wink: Giggles aside, it’s a really fascinating topic and it would be so nice if maybe you’d be willing to share a few reflections here at some point afterwards, should it take your fancy.

Anyway, a boat load of Dhamma joy to you and all attendees.


Gosh, I wish I was there. I suppose there would be someone filming it, if not …live streaming! I would have loved to have attended had my circumstances been different - ah well maybe next time, i will meet everyone! Please keep us informed of upcoming events at least 6 months in advance!

With metta


Looking forward to meeting you there, Ven. And I’m really excited to meet that man on the poster with the sweet beard: I don’t know who he is, but he looks positively regal!


That’s Jeff Oliver! He has a ponytail too! :bearded_person: :exclamation:
I saw him talk at BL about his Forgiveness teaching which he does like metta (forgive yourself for hurting yourself, forgive yourself for hurting others, then forgive others for hurting you) and it was pretty cool!

All the speakers looks HEAPS good, present company no exception! :raised_hands: