Mitra Conference 2019 in Sydney. Come along!

Hi everyone, especially people in Sydney or those willing to travel :joy:

The Mitra Conference team have asked me to invite you to the upcoming weekend conference, on Saturday 31st November and Sunday 1st December.

This year’s conference theme is Spiritually Aware, Socially Engaged. There are some fantastic international speakers lined up, including:

  • Bhante Buddhharakkhita from Uganda who has set up Uganda’s first Buddhist temple.

  • Bhante Pandit who runs Little Bang Sangha in Bangkok.

  • Bhante Suddhaso and Ayya Soma, both from Buddhist Insights in NYC (where Bhante @Sujato is currently visiting).

  • Ven Bom Hyon Sunim, the current Chair of the Australian Sangha Association and chaplain extraordinaire.

  • Ayya Yeshe, founder of the Bodhicitta Foundation who does great work for women and girls in the slums of India.

I’ll be there too, talking about Spiritual Bypassing & Buddhism, as well as helping facilitate the Rainbodhi LGBTQIA+ Community workshop session.

It’s always a great event, bringing Sydney’s diverse Buddhist communities together in one place. A rare and beautiful thing!

Register now to secure your place.


I’m missing my fam, the crazy mixed-up folks of Sydney Buddhism! :cry: Have a wonderful time and stay weird!