MN 72 - use of the third person plural pronoun


Oh, right, I knew that but forgot!

Same in Oz.

Well, if you use Word, what do you expect!

But seriously, the state of grammar parsers is pretty bad, essentially they haven’t been changed in over a decade.


I’ve always been a fan of “(s)he”


The mendicant isn’t reborn - are they? ‘Mendicant’ is just a ‘title’ isn’t it? How can a title be reborn? ‘Mendicant’ is a designation applied to a body/mind process.

Mendicant is a title given to a human being but, we can’t say the human being is reborn - either -as the body of the deceased human remains until it’s disposed of.

So, what is reborn? It’s not the chitta, the mental-continuum from the previous life?

The mental continuum in the next life is not the mental continuum that coexisted with the physical body in the previous life. The mental-continuum isn’t an unbroken seemless process ever - is it?

Why didn’t the Buddha remain silent or, point out the erroneous view implicit in the question?

Was he on alms-round or busy with something else at the time?

As far as I can figure out, Ajahn Maha-Boowa did not teach that the chitta was continuous - either. The same chitta from one moment to the next?

There’s the ‘appearence’ of an unbroken continuity because of the rapidity of the process. Like spinning fan-blades can appear as something whole and undivided.

Ajahn Brahm said that consciousness is granular - correct?

The Buddha is said to have used the word ‘gandabba’ - a manomaya-kaya - in a Sutta. Is that correct? Could it be said, in line with the EBT’s that, a gandabba is present just before rebirth and when it ‘ceases to exist’ a new ‘sentient’ form of life has commenced?


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If you look back at the title of this post, and the previous comments you’ll see that your inquiry - interesting as it is - doesn’t fit the overall theme which is actually about English grammar. If you want to engage with other people on this new topic I suggest you copy it into the start of a new thread. But I’ll leave that decision to you. Meanwhile I’m going to temporarily close this old thread, just to keep things neat and tidy.

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