MN 78: What is "bad conduct by way of mind"?

Hello, today I’m reading MN 78, and I have a question.
In the sutta, the Buddha said:

And what, master builder, are unskillful behaviors?
Unskillful deeds by way of body and speech, and bad livelihood.

The paragraph below:

And where do these unskillful behaviors cease without anything left over?
Their cessation has also been stated.
It’s when a mendicant gives up bad conduct by way of body, speech, and mind, and develops good conduct by way of body, speech, and mind; they give up wrong livelihood and earn a living by right livelihood.

So, what is bad conduct by way of mind? Why is it not mentioned in the first paragraph but is mentioned in the second paragraph?

I thought that “mind” is the thought. But though is mentioned separately in this paragraph:

And what are unskillful thoughts?
Thoughts of sensuality, of malice, and of cruelty.

In this sutta: SuttaCentral
there are ten kind of good deeds that lead to heaven. What is the deed done by the mind?

I have had my own answer. It’s on MN41.
Principled and moral conduct is threefold by way of mind

  • not covetous
  • a kind heart and loving intentions
  • right view

While skillful thoughts are: thoughts of renunciation, good will, and harmlessness
My English is not so good. I think that: not covetous = renunciation, a kind heart and loving intentions = good will
Are there any ideas? :smiley: