Monastic Livestream & Retreat Calendar

Hello All! I put together a calendar of monastic-led Livestreams and Retreats on . If you know of any that are missing, feel free to respond with the relevant link and details. Thank you! May it be of benefit.

In the Dhamma,
Nisabho Bhikkhu


Bhikkhu Nisabho, Sadhu Anumondana to you and your team for your sharing of The Fourth Messenger, Devaduta, for the benefit of all beings. May all disciples of our Teacher who chance upon this website rejoice with you

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Hi Venerable! Good to see you here. You may find your calendar filling up quite rapidly :smiley:

Edit: Changed Ayya to Ven.


There’s also the Tilorien Monastery iSangha with Ven. @Vimala in Belgium. They have regular group sittings with chanting, a weekly Dhamma contemplation group, and occasional Dhamma talks that are available on YouTube afterwards.


Dear Venerables and all dear Dhamma friends,

Thanks for mentioning my upcoming events here. One tiny request is to please refer to me as Ven instead of Ayya (Canda) - it is both satisfyingly gender neutral and the way we monastics refer to each other in Australia. Much appreciated.

While I’m at it, there is a very special 8-day online retreat with Ajahn Brahmali (assisted by me) coming up in May for those in the UK/European time zones (and possibly early-risers on the East coast of the US), listed on our events page too (

The title is "Why We Suffer & How We Get Free" and will look in depth at the juxtaposed causal sequences of Dependent Origination and Dependent Liberation (the latter otherwise referred to as “Transcendental Dependent Origination”), with the main focus on the process of Liberation, yeah!

With kindful good wishes,
Ven Canda


Dear Ven. @Canda, duly noted and my apologies :pray:t5:

The retreat with Ajahn Brahmali and yourself looks wonderful! Alas, as an East-coaster I think I’ll have to wait for the recording.


It will also be livestreamed…but that won’t help you very much! :wink: We hope to get the recordings out the same day, depending on volunteer availability.
Very best regards Bhante


That’s wonderful Venerable. :pray:

I do wonder, though, whether there is an easy way to build a calendar that displays in the viewer’s local time (and date - PST is always “yesterday” for us!). I presume something like a Google calendar would do that. Having it fully automated might save some editing when daylight times go in and out in March/April (and the events I attend in Europe will wind up two hours earlier than they are now…).


Dear Ven. @Canda, Ven. @Sumano, and Mike ,

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve done my best to redesign it, including local time, etc., and including your wonderful offerings, Ven. Canda. Ven. Sumano, I’ve not got around to adding all those you mentioned, and we’ll see if I have the time or energy to do so, but I’ll see what I’m capable of. Ven. Canda, may I give my heartfelt anumodana to the work you’re doing. If you’d be alright with me posting some of your talks on TFM’s podcast, I’d love to.

In the Dhamma,
Nisabho Bhikkhu


Dear Ven Nisabho,

Thanks for your heartwarming message and yes, of course, I’d be delighted if you wish to post my talks wherever they may be of some benefit. If links can be added to our donations and events webpages as well as our YouTube channel, that would be great.

From mid-March I intend to start a Friday evening sutta discussion group - details to follow closer to the time, on Anukampa’s events page. Just one note of caution (which may not be relevant here, but best be safe): due to being zoom-bombed some while ago, we never post direct links to the zoom sessions online, but have a rather roundabout way of directing people to our newsletter archives instead. Cheers!

Much metta and appreciation,
Ven Candā


Dear Ven. Canda,

Great, and gladly. I’ll make sure to link to your page, and please email me when you have details about the study sessions. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Good luck, and may your Zoom’s go un-bombed!

In the Dhamma,
Nisabho Bhikkhu

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Dear Ven., Thank you very much for the information.

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Thank you for keeping us updated @nisabhobhikkhu with your calendar of livestreams and events. We have a new category called Events on the Forum, so I’m moving this thread there to help it be noticed. :pray:


Thanks Gillian. I’m really impressed with this whole forum - very well-maintained. You all have created an impressive hub for dedicated practitioners. Andumodana!


Dear Venerable,

Cloud Mountain in Washington State, USA, holds monastic retreats. Their schedule is at

Karuna Vihara ( and Aloka Vihara ( both have retreats at Cloud Mountain and elsewhere.

Bhikkhu Analayo has a retreat schedule: Bhikkhu Anālayo – schedule | Āgama Research Group

Thank you for this service, sadhu, sadhu, sadhu :pray: