Monkey Magic: Fun Dhamma for the long hours indoors under lockdown

With so much time on peoples hands, it’s nice to find little gems of entertaining dhamma to watch on TV :slight_smile:

I loved this series as a teenager, and have just started re-watching it… Something for everyone, from little kids to seasoned practitioners :smiley: It’s the TV series that just keeps giving :smiley:

You can find it all over the web, and it is also on DVD. I gave the whole series to my nieces as a christmas present some years back. They are Millenials, and both love it to bits :smile:

Note: There is a new re-make now, but the original is so very much better, and really very rich from a dhamma perspective.

Enjoy rediscovering it if you were around when it was originally released, or discovering it for the first time :smiley: :monkey:


I used to love watching Monkey!

I read a few years ago that this was being remade looking all modern and stuffs.

When I was an anagarikā a few time while walking back from the train I had people yell out their cars various expressions of excitement to do with monkey magic at me. It always gave me a giggle