Monks and the Internet

Yeah I took all the internet apps like facebook etc off the phone. They collect too much data like GPS positioning, metadata etc for the US govt, plus it’s just a little too easy to jump online with the phone, you have access to the net no matter where you are. I just stick to using the computer and turning it off when not in use so I actually have to start it up with the intention of getting online when I need to. Besides, it’s easier to type with a proper keyboard, my fingers are no longer nimble enough to type easily on the phone.


This imo is gossip, and probably inaccurate, as some of the corporations, persons, nations, etc which collect, seek, use this sort of data cannot be ascribed to the mental construct “US” or “government”. This is NOT imo harmless speech or mental activity.

Please, stop. edit: This request/suggestion i s intended for the benefit of any indulging in this sort of attribution of “power”. I think this is mental poison; please, stop swallowing or feeding it.

I’ve gone through the same thing. I restrict communication in different ways at different times. This includes visiting, phone and internet. Quite frankly I am happiest and the most peaceful when alone in stillness.

However, I can’t overstate how grateful I am for the opportunity to use the internet, as it is my ONLY source of Dhamma. The wonderful resources I’ve been able to down load, read, and the ability to ask questions of skilled practitioners has been fantastic.

Also when I have responded unskillfully (obvious in hindsight and reflection) I’ve found it useful as a lesson in what work still needs to be done. On occasion I have even participated where I knew I would have annoyance arising - however if one does this intentionally, with the intention to watch that annoyance arising (from a position of detachment) it can have great learning results.

Of course each of us is at our own level, and each has specific conditions etc to work through. So once again I must say it is not the object that is to blame, but the thing to watch is how we engage, and to use that skillfully. @awarewolf it sounds as though you are doing this :slightly_smiling_face: it’s just not easy. The ease of the black screen when you switch off is great. I love that black screen too, and ofetn just switch everything off - unplugged, un-entangled and peaceful.

All the best to you, and everyone else on the path to liberation

M :anjal::dharmawheel::grinning:


Yeah I know … :wink:

It’s these repetitions that drives me a bit insane … First impression is what counts, - so then it will only be the first bite of the sausage that really gives something new, and the rest of the case will be mindless repetitions made by a chronic habit of trying to repeat and get exactly the same bliss as the first bite