More on the Iddhipada

I was listening to Bhante Sujato in his Sutta Class - MN149 - The Great Sixfold Base and he covered a bit on the Iddhipada. Does anyone know of another dharma talk specifically on the iddhipada? An in-depth essay would be great too.

Thank you!

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Hi, looks like your question got hijacked.

I once heard a lovely talk on Iddhipada by Ajahn Punnadhammo, so looked for his name & iddhipada on YouTube, and found this Ajahn P Iddhipada

(Haven’t listened to it yet myself.)


Ha! It usually doesn’t take long for topics to drift away around here! I’ll certainly listen to Ajahn P’s talk tomorrow.

B. Sujato described Iddhipada as perhaps something like the wings to success, an interesting take, perhaps poetic. I’m not sure how he got that, as it seems more literally steps to success.

He also briefly translated the four as:

chanda: enthusiasm
viriya: energy
citta: awareness
vimamsa samadhi: investigation

I’m particularly drawn to his renditions of chanda and citta, why he chose those over more conventional translations.

I was meditating a few days ago and after an hour or so I was investigating the state of my mind and found it rather sluggish. I aroused enthusiasm and energy as well as heightened sati (didn’t know how to arouse citta…)and further investigated. I really needed heroic energy, so I opened that up all the way. I got very still and alert. I loved the enthusiasm aspect, but still would like to know more about chanda.


I caught up with the way this thread steered off course and (I believe) turned the broader discussion into a Personal Message thread so that you folk could continue your discussion apart from the OP question. I don’t get access, it seems, to PMs made in this way. If you have any queries please send me a PM or invite me to the one I created!

Either way, happy discussing!!

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That is employment of the second great endeavor of right effort. When developed it would become a faculty and a power.

AN 4, 13 &14

“And where is the power of energy to be seen? The power of energy is to be seen in the four right strivings.”—AN 5.15

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Please try and keep this thread on topic!!!

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I just listend to it.
It is a great Dhamma sermon as usual.
Great thing about this Dhamma talk is his ability to explain Iddhipada in a mundane level.
When we say Iddhi we are thinking about walking on water or flying cross leg in the sky.
However we all have some sort of Iddhipada to a certain level.
But some have more than others.
For instance how Tiger woods hit a hole in two in the dark?
How did Bhante Sujato translate four Nikaya in two years?
By the way tiger woods is a Buddhist and developed meditaion when he was young. (perhaps not the Sila unfortunately)

The beauty of this is that you can develop Iddhi to a level you can walk on the water?
Can we?

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Thank you. :pray:

I was especially touched when Ajahn Punnadhammo mentioned rock climbing as an example of paying attention to what we do, in the context of meditation off the cushion.
:woman_climbing: :meditation: :smile:


This is wrong. It is clear that the OP thinks they are experiencing an iddhipada when in fact it is right effort, but has the potential to develop into an iddhipada, which are advanced forms of practice. Our primary duty is to point out ignorance when it occurs, and develop knowledge.

With respect, I don’t feel that it is wrong. The OP asks about links to Dhamma talks and essays on the subject of the Iddhipada in relation to MN149. This is completely in line with the Forum guideline

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