Mundane and Supramundane

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To get a balanced understanding of the teachings , i feel it is helpful to know and see the difference between those teachings that are still connected to impurity, that are noble but mundane. Not leading to the end of suffering but yet ripening in relative welfare in this life or other lifes to come. Those teachings are connected with merit, bright kamma with bright results.
And there are those teachings connected with emptiness, with purity, supramundane, beyond merit and demerit. Sutta also talk about this. It is EBT.

I tend to see the difference like this:

The mundane noble path is connected with good intentions but also connected with a sense of self-interest, a sense of Me which will reap the results of deeds. It is based upon conceivings and a sense of Me. For example, giving food to monks with in mind that it might result in higher rebirth for-Me. It is still a kind of ego-centric action. In that sense it is not really a totally pure giving. This is not meant to judge or to discourage giving!

Mundane actions are always a kind of strategical actions. This does not mean that they are bad, but this cannot be called a pure action or an acton connected with purity. Even doing-good, morals, can be like business. “I invest and get something in return”. That is often the incentive. That is not the stream of the supramundane noble Path but the stream of the world. It is still a mundane path. It is connected with becoming. Not hard to understand/feel, right?

While some spiritual teachers reject moral-as-business totally, such as Krishnamurti, Buddha does not do that. It seems that his insight was that doing good as investment is at least better then doing wrong as investment. And the seeds sown in doing good as investement will function for ones happiness for a long time. So, Buddha did not reject it because doing good as investment it is not immoral ofcourse. But it is also, ofcourse, not really pure, not connected to emptiness, Nibbana. For me this is not a judgement.

The Noble Path, supramundane is like doing good for nothing, freely as it were. A pure action is not an investment. It is not business. The pure deed is not connected with incentives and becoming. It is connected with emptiness, dispassion, Nibbana. It arises, as it were, straight from the heart.

While the mundane noble Path is still about gathering, collecting, building up, piling up, constructing, accumulating good things, the supra mundane noble Path is about letting go, relinquishment. Ideally both support eachother. One needs bright kamma to be able to let go and relinquish more and more.
But for me it feels like Path and Goal come together.

A Buddha has emptied his mind of self-love, self-interest, self-orientation, self-desires, self-views, self-conceit, and thats why a Buddha is so sensitive, admissible, open minded.
For us this is most difficult because we like to possess and build respect, status, upon it. And the world only stimulates this. Because Who or What are we in the world when we do not possess anything? The world does not see the value of a mind without grasping. A homeless mind, a mind without possessions. The world does not see its great qualities. It has such great qualities.

But it is hard to go in that direction because really everything in the world turns around possessing and building upon that respect, status, security, safety. Even with Dhamma it is easy to go in the wrong direction, i feel, because also dhamma -knowledge can become something upon which ego-conceit only grows. I feel this is not easy to tackle, because the need for status, respect, appreciation is so strong.

But i see the great qualities in open-mindedness, in being empty, not building, purity. I also feel the world needs it. I am not an open-minded person but i have no doubts it is healing, it is not judgemental, it is very sensitive, and it has such great qualities.

The supra mundane is in the sutta’s, in MN117 and others. It is, i feel, about seeing purity and having a feeling for what is really a pure deed. And about seeing the relativity of all strategical behaviour too. One cannot expact that living as a businessman alone will lead to the end of suffering.
Seeing all this in a balanced way is, i feel, very helpful.

I am just a person learning, but still i hope this will be helpful

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