Mutual growth in dhamma

A teacher should look upon his pupil as a son [daughter]. A pupil should look upon his teacher as a father [mother]. These two, united by mutual reverence and deference and living in communion together will achieve increase, growth and progress in this Dhamma and discipline.

Mahākhandhaka, Pāli Theravāda Khandhaka 1

Why does this communion cause increase grown and progress in the Dhamma and discipline?

with metta


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I think it allows for mutual metta and mutual correction (maybe I am wrong?).

It must be a stabilizing element having that relationship, especially at the beginning, after leaving lay life.

The need for affection is universal, and promotes wholesome development. Parental (and parenting) figures need to be internalised so that metta can be developed in oneself to others.

with metta


I would agree. It allows for mutual growth in metta and mutual growth in understanding of the Dhamma.

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