My attempt to compare the quantum and Buddhism

I like science, but I wouldn’t attempt to compare it with Buddhism. Apples and oranges.
If I was going to attempt a comparison, I’d suggest that the four great elements of Rupa (earth, water, wind and fire) bear a resemblance to the four phases of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma).

Comparison is not a bad thing to do. Problem is Buddhism does not account natural phenominas and so called worldly things much. For example people say there is such a subject called buddhist cosmology. But when you read EBTs, there may be only 4-5 suttas to get information related to the subject. Everything else comes from theories made based on those few suttas, which is not scientific.

So, Māluṅkyaputta, you should remember what I have not declared as undeclared, and what I have declared as declared. And what have I not declared? I have not declared the following: ‘the world is eternal,’ ‘the world is not eternal,’ ‘the world is finite,’ ‘the world is infinite,’ ‘the soul and the body are the same thing,’ ‘the soul and the body are different things,’ ‘a Realized One exists after death,’ ‘a Realized One doesn’t exist after death,’ ‘a Realized One both exists and doesn’t exist after death,’ ‘a Realized One neither exists nor doesn’t exist after death.’

And why haven’t I declared these things? Because they aren’t beneficial or relevant to the fundamentals of the spiritual life. They don’t lead to disillusionment, dispassion, cessation, peace, insight, awakening, and extinguishment. That’s why I haven’t declared them.
Cūḷamālukya Sutta MN 63

Comparing science with buddhism is not a bad thing, but you should know the limits.

I am not certain this is correct.
Mahārāhulovāda Sutta MN 62 explains that you should see four great elements by means of perfect intuitive wisdom to attain enlightenment. naked eyes or other senses cannot sense these qualities of form.

Ya, it’s hard to find the comparisons with Buddhism, I am just doing the fringe stuffs which is totally not required reading for enlightenment and can be considered a great waste of time.

I like that 4 phase of matter with the 4 great elements comparison. It’s basically correct. Although nowadays, we have a lot more phases, so it’s not exactly a good comparison anymore. Eg. go so cold you get Bose Einstein condensation, go so dense, you get black holes, and before that, neutron stars, dwarf stars. And Ice has a lot of different phases. As well as superfluid, etc…

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Updated it to my current work, started this month, projected to finish by this month. Part 1-7 here. May reach over 30 parts.