My favorite things: the Keeling Curve

Another long talk for your listening pleasure. Apparently I have things to say!

Last time I talked about one of my least liked things, crypto, so now I talk about one of my favorite things, the Keeling Curve. This is the measure of atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa. I love it! It’s simple and bracing and an excellent dispeller of illusions.


Anumodana sadhu sadhu sadhu, Bhante :pray:

Listened to the talk yesterday, during my daily walkabout. At first, the mind responded with some negative thoughts like: Oh no, not more about the stuff …
So, then I relaxed and let it roll, and soon I found the words to be soothing and they resulted in a nice peaceful mind state. Like dhamma itself, it’s sure a mess, but when one gives up all hope of rescue, then the torture becomes the ordinary way it is. Agony is fantasising about some miracle happening.

Nice true curve :+1: :heart: