My library and bookshop/donation ideas

Looking at it different now that i have a bookshop and the excellent internet resources of SuttaCentral etc…

Am in central Victoria, are there any buddhist communities that could use some of the remaining shelves (probs have to await my death for this shelf, but that can certainly be arranged for the rught buddhist (or even non!!) shelf :slight_smile: )

Half way through moving:

And some before the move shots


I’ve heard that the Canadian post office has draconian shipping rates. I would try to find a local Buddhist organization or a local public library for the books on Buddhism.

If those venues do not work look for a “buy nothing club” for your city on Facebook or a Facebook page for your municipality. There is also Craigslist, and local discussion groups on Reddit. Sometimes selling books for a pittance, like $1 will move them much more quickly than offering them for free.

I’ve given away books before, only to want them several years later. Choose carefully. :slight_smile:

A few years ago I tried to purge my book cases of physically aged paperbacks and old text books. Nobody wanted them.

Luckily there was a huge waste transfer station about a 30 min drive away from me that collected paper and cardboard in a massive bin for recycling.

Good Luck.

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