My new project: recording the suttas 🎙


Bhante this is wonderful, but do you ever take a break? :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


Lol. believe it or not, I have a very relaxed schedule. Everyone should do less work, and I aim to set an example.

For the Venerables in the forum: What is the wisest way to spend the nissaya period?

You’re going to get me fired! I suppose that would be a good thing though. :thinking:


@MichaelH, I am having trouble finding SN1.23 in digital ocean. The FLAC exists but not the opus file:



Am I using the correct URL?


Hi @karl_lew , the URLs are like:


I’ll (finally) update the wiki now with the URLs!:
[Recording suttas: process for creating voice recordings · suttacentral/suttacentral Wiki · GitHub]


Excellent! Thank you. :pray:


Now that we are able to create Voice Sound Modules (VSMs) for AI voices to provision sound caches in production, it’s time for me to swing back to human voices and pick up the work on Aeneas segmentation of Bhante’s recordings. Let me know if there are any changes to the workflow or plan.

I’ll be working initially with the Pali recordings rather than the English recordings because I’m guessing the Pali recordings will be stable given that the Mahasangiti text isn’t changing. This will allow more time for Bhante Sujato to re-record any English translations should the need arise. It will also provide an alternative to Aditi for users listening to Pali.



No worries, all looking good. I’ve been slow on recording the last couple of weeks due to completing the paragraph task. I’ll be back at it very soon.

While it’s true to say the Pali text will be more stable, I do not expect the English text to change drastically, especially the human-recorded version. I will not be re-recording this, it is a one-time thing. So I am making sure I am happy with the text before recording. Of course there will be small changes and adjustments as time goes on, and I will always be open to fixing mistakes. But the result of that will be a slight drift between the written text and the recorded version. Again, i fully anticipate that this will only happen very slowly and in a very small number of cases.


Thank you, Bhante. We shall no longer worry about discrepancies.


@MichaelH I just noticed that the segment URLs do not have author or reader fields. This is fine for now, but would be a problem if we support other authors or readers. Currently sujato/sujato are implicit.

Also, I estimate that your digitaloceanspaces bucket will eventually have well over 150,000 files. I hope that will not cause alarm.



An ocean of dhamma indeed!


Thanks to Aminah, we have a sneak preview of what we are working on for the next release of Voice.

With the segmentation of Bhante’s audio, users will be able to listen to the above combination of voices as well as others. Many thanks to MichaelH and Bhante Sujato for making this possible!



@MichaelH, would you join us on this thread when you have a moment? We have some questions on the extent and perhaps location of segmented audio uploads. We will soon release Bhante’s currently recorded segmented Pali audio in Voice and need to check back with you…


No need to read the whole thread, Michael (which would be a bit discouraging in fact :scream_cat:), but from post #423 on, please. Thank you!