My new project: recording the suttas πŸŽ™


Bhante this is wonderful, but do you ever take a break? :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


Lol. believe it or not, I have a very relaxed schedule. Everyone should do less work, and I aim to set an example.

For the Venerables in the forum: What is the wisest way to spend the nissaya period?

You’re going to get me fired! I suppose that would be a good thing though. :thinking:


@MichaelH, I am having trouble finding SN1.23 in digital ocean. The FLAC exists but not the opus file:



Am I using the correct URL?


Hi @karl_lew , the URLs are like:


I’ll (finally) update the wiki now with the URLs!:
[Recording suttas: process for creating voice recordings Β· suttacentral/suttacentral Wiki Β· GitHub]


Excellent! Thank you. :pray: