"Namo tassa" in hieroglyphic & Coptic!



Cool! At first I thought there were cat symbols in there (double cool :wink:), but on closer inspection they look more like penguins. :confused: And there’s a random mitten. :laughing: Maybe I’m seeing these because I’m tired of winter already.


The same in Runic and two styles of Etruscan. The earlier form of the latter was written from right to left and the later in boustrophedon – i.e., alternating left to right and right to left.


Yes indeed these scripts all go back to Phoenician, a lot of which was an effective abstraction of the hieroglyphs. You can easily recognise what will become the European ‘N’ and ‘b’ and ‘D’ in the glyphs above (it’s right to left).

Penguins in Egypt?!! :flushed:


I was once able to write English words in Runic form, a byproduct of my study of Wiccan beliefs, way back in my late teens. That brings back a lot of memories!


uhm… I think your penguin might be a vulture.


This Ogham script is read bottom-to-top.

Oh dear, it seems the website wants to stretch the very long skinny photo.

Does anyone know how one might go about unstretching it?