Navigate from Wrong Language Selection

When you end up clicking on a wrong language, please add a link to change back the language.

Why not just use the back button on your browser?

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If this is not too much of an effort to add it will be good to have as any link will be for a particular language. If the original post does not have the particular language you looking for then you have to manually edit the URL replacing replacing the language specific part. In the particular case the post had an English and another language link so the back button would have worked but I edited the URL. So it will be easy or beneficial to have a language drop down some where in the Suttas to get to another translation if the page that links to the Sutta does not have the particular language link.

Also it would be an idea to have language independent landing page from where you can select the language for external links something like a permalink which you display on the page. This will be better than linking a language specific link.

In case of Discourse posting links you can have a hover drop down appearing giving you the option to choose the particular language other than what is given in the original post.

Okay, thanks for the suggestions. We’re currently in the first phases of building a fully internationalized version of the site. Perhaps it would be best to hold off on these for now, launch a test version, then perhaps yourself and others can try that and give feedback.

Just as a general principle, though, I try to keep navigation as simple as possible: not a fan of too many options. Having said which, the things you mention make sense, so we are definitely looking at these things.

I would love to do testing on these features. I generally can find places things can improve and things which are out of place.