Navigating the Vinaya

Hello, I am interested in checking sources that are presented on some wikipedia articles.
The sources are from Vinaya, but I am very unable to find the right passage in the Vinaya because I cannot wrap my head around how to navigate it. Could maybe someone help me please?

All the best to you.

For example: Vin 1:61


This is a Pali Text Society (PTS) reference.

There is this converter which handles PTS refs very well: Only trouble is, it seems to just cover the Sutta Pitaka and not the Vinaya.

I personally just use a very simple txt file with conversions for finding PTS refs, and from that can see the example ref can be found in pi-tv-kd1 (this can also be seen via the PTS ref numbers on the “suttaplex” cards for the kd:

Thereafter, in the first instance, it was only through dark arts that I could make the tentative suggestion that more precisely the ref corresponds with this passage: But then there’s a possibility that you might want an English translation rather than the Pali… the lookup tool could perhaps guide to the right paragraph.

Alternatively, you could use the text info given on the legacy site: (alas the anchor doesn’t seem to work for me when loading the page, but if you have the text info setting on you can use a page search to get to it).

Simple, right? :grin:

Would be curious to know how @sujato would guide users on this one.


I don’t know if this is the best way, but what I normally do when I need to check multiple Vinaya references that are given by PTS volume and page number is to go to Sutta Central legacy and open four tabs with the following pages:





On each of these pages the references to the PTS romanised edition are supplied in the third column.


Thanks both of you.