Need artwork for Buddhist-inspired album of "ambient" music

Hello all -
I’m a musician/composer based in Portland, OR, USA working under the moniker “West Riding” (after my ancestral homeland in York). See

I’ve just finished mastering my next album entitled “My Wyoming Within” and I need artwork, either by donation, fair use or commission. I’m looking for something meaningful to the practice that isn’t directly representational, but lack the artistic vision or skill to make it happen myself.
[For sake of context here, I’m an upasaka in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah, and a sangha member at Portland Friends of the Dhamma, a branch of Abhayagiri Monastery most recently under the guidance of Luang Por Pasanno).

The album title is after the recurring theme Sharon Salzberg uses of the “inner Wyoming” we all possess, the internal wide open spaces of dhammic peace.
The album follows the arc of a layperson going for meditation in the forest - and in fact, I recorded 4 of the main tracks literally at “the roots of trees” in the forest of Central Oregon.
There are too many “Buddhist” references to name, namely from the Thai Forest and Zen traditions of which I am a student/practitioner, but perhaps the track titles will help you get an idea…

Opening: Far Beyond the World’s Dust
Forest 01: Here Are The Roots of Trees
As The Rains Fill The Rivers, So The Rivers Fill The Sea
Forest 02: These Are All Convenient Fictions
Just As Birds Leave No Trace Across The Sky
Forest 03: Dwell With No Other Refuge
Forest 04: Viharatha Paṭi­sallā­na­ratā
Closing: Invite The Bells To Ring

One track even uses snippets of Ajahn Sudanto leading a part of the “Homage to the Sangha” from the Amaravati Chanting Book, and LP Pasanno & LP Viradhammo leading the 3 Refuges chant.

The music is somewhat “ambient,” or at least that’s where it would be categorized by industries that need to label things :slight_smile: But it is decidedly NOT a “meditation” or “relaxation” album (at least as far as that overdone genre goes).
I also don’t really want it to be a BUDDHIST album per se, at least not in a super-direct and intentional manner.
Closest facsimiles much more famous than I include Brian Eno and Arve Henriksen, to name a few.

To cap it all off, I am taking no profit off the sales of the album, not even attempting to recoup costs of production - 100% of all monies taken in will be donated to dhammic causes and charity. (Exact details TBD). To that end I feel it acceptable to solicit assistance in this forum, if this is improper than I humbly apologize and can remove the post.

I’m happy to share recorded tracks with anyone who might be interested in collaborating on this. I’m reaching out in this forum because those who practice the dhamma will be more inclined to “GET” what I’m trying to point at here.

With much thanks,


This one?

You would need to get permission from the person who took the photograph, if possible even though the pic might be freely available. In any case your are looking for art work - so this is just to inspire the would be artist!

With metta

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Hi James,

Please check your private messages. I am located nearby where you live and could possibly collaborate with you on this.


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