New Book by @Gregory Kramer out this month

In A Whole-Life Path , @Gregory Kramer invites us to see the complexity and challenges of today’s world as doorways to fully embodied Dhamma wisdom. He explores each factor of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path then looks at modern life, calling out opportunities to put all the Buddha’s teachings into practice—individually, relationally, and socially.

The book is available from Amazon (world wide) and Bookshop.

Two Reviews:

Somewhere along the way we . . . decided we could neatly parcel the Dhamma up and pack it away into a retreat or a method or a tradition. Those of us who look for inspiration and wisdom to the Buddha’s teachings are by no means immune to such a response; we too easily imagine that we can solve the problem just by quoting a sutta. Which is where this book steps in.

Gregory Kramer is not one to settle for easy answers or to shy away from the complexities of the real world application of the theory. When reading his words, I found myself wanting to talk with him, to engage in his ideas. The spiritual path is strange and even, after all this time, largely unknowable. But if we take a good book like this one with us, the journey becomes a little less lonely.

Sujato, Cofounder, SuttaCentral

This remarkable book offers a perspective on the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path that is at once solidly rooted in the canonical texts of early Buddhism, yet astutely attuned to the needs of contemporary readers seeking to navigate our frantic, directionless culture.

Kramer’s treatment of each path factor is immensely insightful, marked by an abundance of detail and enriched by personal insights . . . drawn from decades of study and practice. While he bases his explanations squarely on the Buddha’s discourses, he does not merely regurgitate old formulas, but provides an expanded view of the Path that extends its relevance beyond the domain of individual, private practice. . . .

A Whole-Life Path should prove to be a major source for understanding and practicing the Buddha’s Eightfold Path in its many different dimensions of relevance, including dimensions generally overlooked by traditional Buddhism.

Bhikkhu Bodhi , Buddhist scholar and translator


Well, with those two recommendations I’m off the bookstore!


Hopefully there is a Kindle version on the way soon!