New Burmese translations

I uploaded new Burmese translation of the Khuddakapāṭha, Udāna and Itivuttaka with thanks to the translator Nathan Wynn. We had some issues with the conversion of the Burmese font and in the end converted it from Zawgyi to Myanmar3 UTF-8 font:

If anybody could check and see if it is now readable, I would be very grateful!

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same for the other two texts

Sorry … but I don’t quite see what you are saying. Is there a problem with the texts?

i guess i’m responding to your request

can you see text on the screenshot?

I figured you were responding to that - but no, I cannot see any text on the screenshot - only the website page itself.

that’s quite weird

do you mean you don’t see text in Burmese alphabet on the screenshot i attached earlier?

I think we are talking cross purposes here. I thought you had made some notes on top of the screenshot to tell me where some errors were. I cannot read Burmese so I cannot tell if the text is something that makes sense or not. Therefore, it would be helpful if somebody who understands Burmese can read it and see if it is indeed correct.
I basically see the same thing as on your screenshot.

i see, that wasn’t clear initially

since you’d spoken about encodings conversion and about readability i took it as a request to check whether the text is properly displayed

as even a text which doesn’t make sense or is inadequate can be readable

i dumped the text from the screenshot into the Google translator and it turned out quite sensible and in meaning bearing semblance to the authentic English translation

Hi Ayya,

Just to note, Nay is not the translator; he has just been helping us with the text. The translation is, I believe, an “official” translation by a Burmese group, although I am not sure of the details.