New controversial theory: Past, present, future exist simultaneously

This article reminded me of an anecdote of enlightenment, by the master Han Shan. The wisdom of the dharma is so deep, inspiring, and amazing. I am so happy to know even a tiny portion of it.

when I got up and started to leave, I stopped on the temple steps and looked with
amazement at the courtyard. A strong wind had started to blow, tearing leaves off all the trees. The
air was filled with them! Yet, the leaves were motionless. They were just there, suspended in air.
And all was so serene! Finally, I had perceived something with my Buddha Eye! So this was the
whirlwind that destroys but does not move. And again I understood that the ego-mind continuously
moves like a flow of air or water, but what it sees is actually stableóa matrix which all things pulse in
and out of. Now I understood! My ego-mind had decided that a certain configuration of matter was
a leaf, and then my ego-mind had decided to string together a series of images and to call this series
movement: blowing leaves. In reality, there was no I standing there on the steps. There were no
steps. There was neither wind nor blowing leaf. My ego-mind put arbitrary boundaries on matter
and time, and gave things name and form. But reality, perceived directly without my intervening egomind,
was nameless and formless and timeless!

This is not new. Sarvastivadins came up with it centuries ago!


I think block theory has some merit, though I struggle to see how it makes any difference to our personal experience of the world.