New Dhamma centre in North America?

“For whom does merit always increase,
Both by day and by night?

Established in Dhamma, endowed with virtue?”

“Those who set up a park or a grove,
The people who construct a bridge,
A place to drink and a well,
Those who give a residence:

Idaṃ me puññam Buddhasāsana cīraṃ rakkhantu


Link to website:

Looks great! I hope they’ll make the dhamma thrive.

Listened to Ven Yuttadhammo’s youtube talks ever since I was a lay person. :slight_smile: Looks like a very peaceful guy. Partly responsible for why I’m now a bhikkhu, I suppose. :sweat_smile:


The fundraiser link is here:

And I can personally vouch for the good work Bhante is doing at his center: his month-long retreat was a major factor in my decision to ordain as well. It’s an absolutely magical place and is very much worth supporting… and/or attending!