New English Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga by Ajahn Brahmali

I’ve uploaded the first part of Ajahn Brahmali’s new translation of the Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga; the 4 Pārājika and the first 2 Saṅghādisesā.

The way these files are done is different from normal because I first made them in Pootle files, which can then be used by the Pootle translation program. The ultimate aim of this approach is that translators can see both the pali and the english translation for each sentence while they are working in Pootle to translate suttas into their own language.

The files were subsequently converted to html and uploaded to SC.

If you see anything in these files that might need changing (errors in markup for instance), please let me know so we can adjust.


does this mean that I.B. Horner’s translation will be discontinued from SC?

also currently these two Metadata verbiages apply to the entire English Bhikkhu Vibhanga, not only to the uploaded bits of Ven Brahmali’s translation

Translated by Bhikkhu Brahmali.

Digital edition prepared for SuttaCentral by Ayya Vimala.

A digital edition of I.B. Hornerʼs translation, The Book of the Discipline, can be downloaded here.


Translated by Bhikkhu Brahmali for SuttaCentral, 2014.

Dedicated to the Public Domain by way of Creative Commons Zero (CC0). You are encouraged to do whatever you like with this work.

This translation began as a revision of The Book of the Discipline, translated by I.B. Horner. However, as the project continued it became an independent translation.

are they still accurate?

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Sadhu! Thanks so much Ayya. And of course @Brahmali! I spent some time with him in HK a few days ago and we discussed the translations as much as we could. The complete Vinaya translation should be available in due course. When this, and my Sutta translations, are finished, we hope to publish them together as a single free edition of all the Pali EBTs in quality hardcovers.

And I know how much hard work went into this, so congratulations.

We will have to adjust these. But yes, they are still accurate. The only substantive thing to note is the final sentence. While the earlier uploads of Ven Brahmali’s work were largely revisions of Horner, currently he is working almost without referring to Horner at all. Ultimately, the entire translation will be a new one, much more accurate and readable than Horner’s work.

When we have an interface that allows multiple translations, Ven Brahmali’s will be the default, while Horner’s will be present as a secondary translation. Until this is possible, his translations will gradually replace hers. However, the full Horner translation can still be downloaded as PDF from the downloads page.


I noticed to following little thing: for all the other Pārājikas a mouseover of the translation shows “Bhikkhu Brahmali” but for the first one “Translated by” is displayed.


Thanks. I have changed it now. Should show up shortly.