New font delivery method

We’ve just rolled out a new method of delivering fonts. For most users, hopefully they won’t see much difference, just a few minor tweaks. But the new system is designed to offer comprehensive support of the 36 languages now available on SC. This is no trivial task!

This new platform, which was built by @blake, delivers optimized versions of fonts for each language. For the languages that use latin scripts, the same Skolar as before is used, and we have replaced the sans font with Skolar Sans. For non-latin scripts, we are using Google’s Noto fonts.

Perhaps the most innovative change is that we now deliver fonts even for CJK languages. Support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, is very difficult on the web, for a multitude of technical reasons. But now, all going well, all users should see a region-appropriate font, using the beautiful Noto CJK family.

Things being as they are, bugs will happen, so please let us know if you encounter any problems.

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I noticed a bug! The fonts here on broke because they were being delivered from and the font file names have changed.
edit: Now fixed.

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