New Russian translations

Some new Russian translations have been uploaded to SuttaCentral and some others have been corrected.
These are: Dīgha Nikāya21, Majjhima Nikāya1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13-18, 21, 23, 24, 63, 131-136, 138, 139, Theragāthā1.27, 6.12 and 16.7.

It would be nice, if you mark, that all russian translation were copied from website.

Thanks for pointing this out. In the previous translations, which include most of the nikayas, we have attributed, but this was missed out by accident in the latest additions. We apologize for that. @Vimala, can you add this when you get the chance.

just for the sake of accuracy only it’s worth pointing out that the particular translations Ayya Vimala lists in this thread do not originate from website

to my knowledge normally translations from there are marked as such on SC

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Oh, okay, thanks.

Yes the problem, that link on the source hidden a lot on website, you should press button in left upper corner, than you should press Metadata, and only than you can get from where the source is come. Most people didn’t get, that you should press on the button in picture i put down here.

Well, like I said elsewhere, there’s a popup to explain this for you. It’s also mentioned on the Home page.

Dear Venerable Kheminda,

Thank you for your notice.

Please note that these russian translations were not copied from, but were sent to my by the translator himself. I discussed the text for the metadata with him and in this discussion, was never mentioned. I was therefore unaware that the texts would also be placed on
I have now added the link to the website to the Metadata and it should show up in a few days.

With metta,
Ayya Vimala

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hi ayya @Vimala

i would hope my response in this thread was visible to all, please let me quote it