New translation of English Pācittiya 21–30 uploaded

I’ve uploaded the new English translation of Pācittiya 21–30 by Ajahn Brahmali.
These rules have to do with the conduct of monks towards nuns.


Thanks so much Ayya.

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Bhante, because of the changes in ISO language codes, I now have to make 3 different versions for this in order to also incorporate them on the “old” (i.e. current) website. Sure, I can do this but I was wondering if it is really necessary or wanted.

I guess that in the end only the Pootle files will be used for the new site so if at all possible, I prefer to make only those, with the new language codes, and leave it at that.

That would also mean that in nextdata/html_texts all the current Pali and English translations of these texts can be deleted (because they are replaced by the Pootle files), otherwise they will show up twice in the dropdown menu in the suttaplex as happens now.

Let me know what you think.

Yes, that sounds fine, let’s make changes only to the Next site from now on.

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