New translation of Therigatha by Ayya Soma available as ebook

I don’t think I have seen anything about this new translation on If I’m not mistaken this is the first book completely translated into English using the Bilara software other than those by Bhante Sujato. So it’s a milestone for many reasons.

Because of a glitch in the site, the publication information for this translation isn’t showing, so here is some of it:

Translation Process

The primary source used was the digital Mahāsaṅgīti edition of the Pali Tipiṭaka. The text was translated from the Pali by Ayyā Somā without consulting any other translations first. It was then proof-read and edited by Bhante Suddhaso. The end result was compared to other English translations currently available, in particular the ones by Bhante Sujato and Anagarika Mahendra.

Translation Description

This translation of the Therīgathā was intentionally done without consulting or referencing any of the information provided in the commentaries. It therefore uses the original Pāli text of the poems as its only basis to deduce context and terminology choice.

One feature of the translation is the non-translation of several Pali terms.

The body of the ebook book was created directly from the SuttaCentral Bilara data. This means that making new ebooks when changes are made to the translation should be easy. I’m doing this as a coding project of my own, unrelated to the official publishing interface feature that is currently being developed.

BTW, all of the selections this month in the daily sutta emails are from the Theragatha and Therigatha so I hope to use some of these as well as the other existing translations.


Congratulations @ayyasoma !

And thanks a million for the new epub, @Snowbird :blush::pray:


Just downloaded a copy. Thank you!

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Thanks for this!
I have Ayya Soma’s Therizine poster on my kuti door and love grabbing a glimpse of a line as. walk out to my walking path. Great to have the whole book for my kindle.


Got a link to that? :pray::star_struck:

I’ve searched and searched and can’t find a link! Ayya Soma sent us a huge box of them. Maybe send her a DM

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I have one as a travel companion on my ongoing monastery hopping -tour, really stunning. :star_struck:(Got it from Tilorien-organized A.Brahmali/Ven.Vimala/A. Poonsirivara-retreat held in Belgium in June, along with this beautiful card, just to inspire and/or make people jealous a bit more… :cowboy_hat_face:)