Nibbana - The Mind Stilled by Bhikkhu Kaṭakarunde Ñāṇananda

Untranslated/filtered series of talks (in English) by Bhikkhu Kaṭakarunde Ñāṇananda

Download MP3’s here:

Individual talks in order:

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Series 6

Series 7

Series 8

Series 9

Series 10

Series 11

Series 12

Series 13

Series 14

Series 15

Series 16

Series 17

Series 18

Series 19

Series 20

Series 21

Series 22

Series 23

Series 24

Series 25

with mettā and añjali,


Announcement states:
Download MP3’s here:

At that site, however, it appears the talks can be played, but not downloaded to mp3 files for off-line listening.

I prefer listening off-line, as the internet is too unreliable and “impermanent.”

Any possibility for such downloading?

Chris Macie

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if you view the page of this very thread here through ‘View page source’ (or equivalent) option of your browser right click context menu, inside the code you will find the links to the files Russell published

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I can download at that site by right-clicking on the links. I’m using Firefox.

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Thanks (both) – also in Firefox, found the “option-click” menu (on this iMac) with “save page as” function that does the MP3 download. Being more a PC user, this wasn’t obvious at first.

Thanks, again

Great that you posted these here Russ, thanks. Outside the suttas, this series is the most profound Dhamma one can read. Just my opinion of course :slight_smile: Highly recommended!!

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Thank you @mikenz66 and @LXNDR for helping out for the past few days.

with añjali and mettā,


Dear @cjmacie,

Sorry for the late reply as I wasn’t logging in for the past few days but you’ve been already assisted by @mikenz66 and @LXNDR.

May you be free.

with añjali and mettā,



Dear @Linda,

You are most welcome! Glad it’s of benefit to you.

May you be free.

with añjali and metta,