'Nihilō' (I reduce to nothing)?

“The Buddha- Dharma is not to be found in moving forwards, nor in moving backwards, nor in standing still.” - Ajahn Chah

"“Malunkyaputta, did I ever say to you, … ‘After death a Tathagata exists,’ or ‘After death a Tathagata does not exist,’ or ‘After death a Tathagata both exists & does not exist,’ or ‘After death a Tathagata neither exists nor does not exist’?”

If a self - an owner of experience - cannot be found in the stream of re-becoming, is there ‘somebody’ that is annihilated? Was the Buddha a somebody who became a nobody?

Are you a somebody who will become a nobody?

“Mere suffering exists, no sufferer is found; The deeds are, but no doer of the deeds is there; Nibbana is, but not the person that enters it; The path is, but no traveler on it is seen.” - Visudhimagga 16:90