No rebirth - what happens next?

At the risk of sounding like a bull sh#t session participant, I can’t help but wonder if there is something like what it is to be a fundamental particle and that what it is like to be a human being is what it is like to be an electron that is quantumly smeared throughout the neurons and synapses of the brain. After death, maybe it leaps to a similar brain, or maybe not. Maybe over time there is a chance it will. That’s the best guess I have to explain why the is something like to be a human being. That said, I think there are several suttas where the Buddha explicitly says things that by implication mean he does not declare there is rebirth or even what happens to the Buddha after death.

When the Buddha says he does not declare whether or not the jiva is the body or something else, this would have been understood by the audience at the time to mean he does not declare if we are reborn or not. In that thought world, the jiva was the thing that was reborn if anything was reborn. The Buddha is very explicit why he says this:

I would also add that beliefs are kamma. To hold these speculative beliefs, is to hold yourself back from liberation. You should not be attached to there being rebirth or not being rebirth.

Yes, I know there are suttas in the cannon that contradict this. That contradiction should give someone pause to consider the validity of those suttas.

So, to wrap it up, I suspect rebirth is possible, but the Buddha would rather you not be dogmatic. Dogmatic beliefs are a honey trap of kamma.

PS. I later changed thought to thought world.