Notes on the segmentation of Pali Vinaya with Brahmali's translation


Kd 13, segment 75

“He asked the Order for the trial period of six days for that offense, (previous segment) and the Order gave me the trial period.

… gave him the trial period. :white_check_mark:


Kd 13 segment 531

“While he was on probation, he committed one unconcealed offense of intentional emission of semen.” (Pli: So parivasanto antarā ekaṃ āpattiṃ āpajji sañcetanikaṃ sukkavissaṭṭhiṃ pañcāhappaṭicchannaṃ.)

… committed one offense of intentional emission of semen, concealed for five days. :white_check_mark:

(In later segments it is again correct—which first confused me and then made me check… )

Segment 540

“And it should be done in this way” (Pli: Evañca pana, bhikkhave, mūlāya paṭikassitabbo)

Should be “And he should be sent back to the beginning in this way” (Later on there will still follow a second procedure, that of giving him a simultaneous probation, which isn’t clear when here it is just saying “it should be done…” )

Fixed :white_check_mark: (I wouldn’t change this myself if I had not seen it done this way in later instances.)


Thanks, @sabbamitta. I have had no internet access for the past 4 days or so, and so I am a bit behind on everything. But it’s great that you catch these things and get them sorted out. Appamādena sampadetha!


Ähhmmm… The Pali text in Pootle for Kd 13 ends with segment 1410 of 2291. What should I do? Kathaṃ nu kho mayā paṭipajjitabban’ti? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bhante @sujato?


Just checking again, and more text shows up. Whoever did what… thank you!


Māra was thwarted. Reverse divine intervention!


Kd 13 segment 1441

Idha pana, bhikkhave, bhikkhu parivasanto, pāpikāya diṭṭhiyā, appaṭinissagge, ukkhipiyyati.

“It may be that a monk on probation is ejected for not seeing a bad view.”

In other instances this term is translated “… not giving up a bad view”.

Again in segments 1458, 1476, 1494, 1513.


Indeed! Thanks for spotting this. I have now fixed them all.

Sie sind wunderbar!


I am ready to do some work on this project, for the next few weeks at least. Please send me something. Thanks!


Great! I know in the past you have been interested in doing things concerning bhikkhunīs and so I’ll send you the Bhikkhunī-kkhandhaka. I’ll assume you are ok with this unless I hear back from you.



Kd 13 segment 1738

“Being re-ordained, he conceal none of those offenses.”

… he conceals none … :white_check_mark:


Yes, bhikkhunī materials is of interest to me. This is an interesting chapter, although having a daunting number of restrictions on nuns.


One thing we can say about the compilers of the Vinaya: They never forget anything!

Fortunately, with this whole complex network of nested offenses, probations, trial periods, and procedures, and everything that goes wrong on the way, at the end of the 13th Khandhaka we have a purified monk. :meditation:

So this chapter has a happy end! :smile:

Ajahn Brahmali, may I now look forward to the first Khandhaka?


Actually they did forget quite a few things, not the least of which was to be succinct!

But you have patiently worked through all the variations, which is admirable. It does get tedious after a while. I’ve been there!

As promised, the Mahakkhandhaka is on its way. This is certainly quite different and hopefully more inspiring. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kd 1 segment 82

“After receiving the cereals and honey in one of the valuable stone bowl, the Master ate them.”

… stone bowls:white_check_mark:


Segment 294

Evaṃ vutte, pañcavaggiyā bhikkhū bhagavantaṃ etadavocuṃ—

The English only says “They”. Should it not be “They said”, “They replied”, or something like this?

Segment 315

"for which people from good families go forth from home to homelessness.”

In an earlier instance it was “… rightly go forth …”. Which one is correct?


Thanks! Both have now been corrected. :grinning:


I would like to verify the location on pootle for this material. The code appears to be “pi-tv-kd1”, but the Bhikkhunī Khandhaka appears to start at kd20. Is this correct?


From what I can tell, yup, kd 20. Happy copy-pasting :grin:


OK, I finally noticed this on line 24:

<a class="pts-cs-empty" id="Kd.20">Kd.20</a>

I was confusing myself with this line 9:

<section id="pi-tv-kd1" class="sutta">