Notes on the segmentation of Pali Vinaya with Brahmali's translation


I hope they are more consistent!


You are welcome. I get a lot out of doing this work, and it’s helpful that I can do it without time pressure.

I have recieved the first six rules, and started working on that. No significant issues so far. I’m aiming to get these finished before I go on a two-week retreat on Dec. 8.


This happens when the rules are short and the text is straightforward: NP 7–12 are finished. :anjal:



Wow! Well, I guess I will just send you the next batch, pācittiya 1-10. It’s a bit longer than the previous group, but hopefully not too long.

Thanks for the German efficiency! (Sorry about the stereotyping. )


Bi Pc 5, non-offense clauses

It says in the English: “if it inserts less than two finger-joints”—I am wondering if this should be if “she inserts…”? Ajahn @brahmali?


Yes! Not sure how that happened.




Bi Pc 1–10 finished. Next portion please, Ajahn @brahmali. :anjal:


Hooray! The next ten are on their way!


Finished Pc 11–20! No problems in the Pacittiyas so far. :grin:

Ajahn @brahmali, please the next bit!


Wonderful! The next ten are on their way!


Bi Pc 28 segment 12:
Yā tā bhikkhuniyo appicchā, tā ujjhāyanti khiyyanti vipācenti— appears here in one segment; usually it’s divided into two. I marked “needs work”.


And Pc 21–30 are done. So, please send me whatever you feel fine with, Ajahn @brahmali.


Since you are doing so well, perhaps I should send you 20 rules instead. Bhikkhunī pācittiyas 31-50 are on their way.


Bi Pc 47 segment 27:

washes it one the fourth day

Should be on the fourth day (corrected).

By the way, I find this rule a bit puzzling: It seems to say that the nuns in a monastery did share the same underwear—was that indeed the hygiene standard of the time??? :exploding_head:


Well, we don’t know much about these things apart from a few scattered rules, such as this one. And it’s not underwear in a modern sense; it would have been an alternative antaravāsaka, a sarong.


I’ve now finished Pc 31–50 and humbly ask for the next portion, please! :wink: :anjal:


I shall be most delighted to send you the next 20 rules! Consider them on their way.


Bi Pc 60 segments 13, 14

Pali: Yā tā bhikkhuniyo appicchā … pe … tā ujjhāyanti khiyyanti vipācenti—

English: The nuns complained and criticized her,

I’m missing “the nuns of few desires” here. :thinking:
I mark it “needs work”.


Thanks for picking up on this. :grinning: I have now corrected it and removed the “needs work”.