Notes on the translation of Sutta Nipāta

By the way, as an usual reader of Ven. Thanissaro’s translations, could you please tell more specifically why you say that? Because of use of the “&” maybe?

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Thank you for the post. Ven Analayo shared that text during his talks on Ven Nanananda’s Nibbana Sermons, when he discussed some of Ven Nananda’s translations. However, the text was just attributed to:

The Translator
From a forest kuṭi in Sri Lanka

I gather he did not want to be identified when it was published, but he passed away September 2020.

Ven Analayo’s discussion is at around 1:13 of Lecture 16

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No, I quite like the ampersand. I gave an example in a subsequent essay.

His eccentric choices of doctrinal terms are well known (“stress”, “unbinding”, and so on), but that idiosyncratic style regularly extends to the “regular” text as well, especially in poetry. If I consult a translation by Ven Bodhi or KR Norman, I can pretty much know what to expect. But with Ven Thanissaro, I never know if I’ll see a baldly literal rendering, or an obscure metaphor, or some insightful rendering no-one else thought of, or just a plain old mistake—we all make them! For this reason I tend to use his translations as a last resort; if I’m unsure how to render a phrase, and if I can’t find anything helpful in other translations, I’ll check his work, and occasionally find a useful turn of phrase.


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