Nothing sacrificed?

I’m sure y’all have heard this 1000 time but what is 'There is nothing given, nothing offered, nothing sacrificed. In wrong view?

Not believing the positve results of giving, offering and sacrificing.


In addition to the previous answer, it also sounds like having the wrong view you are not the beneficiary of any gifts, offerings & sacrifices made for your benefit. Therefore, you lack gratitude.

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Not believing that beings exist and therefore they don’t produce deeds/actions (kamma) with their results (vipaka). If there is no being, then there are no deeds with results.

  • Wrong view in your example from great forty sutta: there is no being (i.e. no 3 poisons to begin with)
  • Mundane right view: there is a being
  • Supermundane right view: seeing how this being is formed (3 poisons/dependent origination).

Of course there’s other forms of wrong views as well, like there is a being that is eternal or permanent, there is a being (3 poisons) that is not reborn (depending on how you define rebirth), etc…

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