NPR article on Empty Cloud's Ayya Soma & Bhante Suddhaso


Did you notice that the article’s tagline refers to Buddhism as a theology?

While it’s true that the literal sense of the word is related to ‘god’ (Greek theos), there has been a broader use of the term for a long time.

The Wikipedia article on “Theology” states that,
“From the 17th century onwards, the term theology began to be used to refer to the study of religious ideas and teachings that are not specifically Christian or correlated with Christianity. “

I think the usage in that article was a general religious sense, not an attempt to redefine Buddhism as a theistic religion.

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Yes, I know; it was just an observation. :smile:

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That being said, I have seen versions of Buddhism that look quite theistic.
Reading the classic novel The Tale of Genji recently, I’ve found the presentation of Buddhism there to be very ‘theistic’ in a strict sense.
So, certainly ‘Buddhism’ is far from unified in its practices.

You are correct about “Buddhism” as in it’s worldwide branches and practices, but Buddhism as the Buddha taught is most certainly not theistic as a religion goes. Yes, there are gods and such in the suttas, but not like theistic religions.

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