Nuns used the sky that is feminine in verses 🌌

I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of thirty-six kings of the gods.

In India, the division of the zodiac into 36 ten degree portions is called either the drekkana(drekkāṇa),the dreshkana (dreṣkāṇa), or the drikana (dṛkāṇa).[27]

Modern scholars believe the decans were imported into India through the Greeks, who learned about them from the Egyptians.[28]


I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of ten kings who were wheel-turners.


The steadfast depart from the world, having overcome the troops of Māra; they are like unto swans in the path of the sun, moving in the ether by means of their miraculous power (irddhi)).


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In the city, Bandhumatī,
I was a water-fetcher then.
Living by carrying water,
I’m raising my children that way.

Obviously Aquarius

I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of fifty kings among the gods.
I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of twenty kings who turned the wheel.

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Elder mentioning 80 constellation. :milky_way:

I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of eighty kings among the gods.

80 Constellation probably recognized in that time. 88 official recognized in modern times.


Elder mentioning The Pleiades star cluster

In Aruṇavatī City,
lived a king named Aruṇavā.
I was then the wife of that king,
sent out by him on a journey.

Heaven(Sky) and Earth(King)

From ancient times The Pleiades star cluster is presented as the Star of David

Having taken seven flowers,
divinely perfumed blue lotus,
lying down in that fine palace,
I reflected in this way then

The Pleiades star cluster – – famously known as the Seven Sisters

What use are these flowers to me,
planted on the top of my head?
They’ll be better for me offered
to the Best Buddha’s great knowledge.

Referring indirectly to the sky here.

Splendid like an arjuna tree,
like a lion, the king of beasts,
along with the monks’ Assembly,
the Victor then came on the road.

Might be referring to Leo passing

But after referring to the “flowers” in the sky

I scattered up in the sky there
those seven blue lotus flowers.
Then covering the Buddha’s head,
they were held up there in the sky.

Whenever I am sent somewhere
with my assembly of kinsfolk,
blue lotuses are carried then
over my entire retinue.

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were referred to as the Seven Sisters and were beautiful, strong women that were placed into the sky to calm the seas and watch over sailors.

I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of sixty-three wheel-turning kings.
They all conform to my wishes;
I’m one whose words are listened to.

This negative connotation however, was more likely due to the way feminine energy was interpreted at the time these records were made. As we know today, feminine energy is not inferior, unlucky or weaker than masculine energy, it is just different and necessary in its own way.

Feminine energy also rules over the shadow sides of life and the darker emotions that we all feel from time to time.

I think the allusion to lotuses in TIP 8 means piti (joy). The two poems are similar in structure, and the lion mentioned is not an astrological reference, as in TIP 14 there is the elephant which is not a zodiac animal.

Yes you are right about pity. It also meaning that in the human body. The 7th chakra of the 8th. By what you saying you are making it more deeper.

Because that means she united the male(Earth) and the female(Heaven)

That’s why throwing them in the sky.(feminine)

But the following you need to understand why it’s said. I will explain.

I was fixed in the chief queen’s place
of seventy kings of the gods.
Everywhere a female ruler

Chief queen’s place=The Moon

The Indians used mainly the Moon(Female) for Astrology/Calendar. Western used the Sun(Male).

Seventy kings of the gods are referring to where in the Indian rank of constellations she went. So I understand Sangha used old ways of naming heaven. Which used stars.

Nothing strange to be possible if even Buddha used the sky to give meaning to Dhamma

Muttā, be released from your bonds,
like the moon released from the eclipse.
…That is how the Buddha regularly advised the trainee nun Muttā with these verses.